Golf No Matter the Weather with the Repel Golf Umbrella

Once you’ve been bitten by the golfing bug, you’ll find yourself making your way to the course to play and practice year-round, no matter the weather. Of course, while a beautiful warm summer day is a great time to be outside enjoying the fresh air, fall and winter weather can be less than enjoyable. Once you’re taking your golfing habit seriously, you need the perfect golf umbrella to help you stay on the top of your game.

You need the Repel Golf Umbrella.

What Makes the Repel Golf Umbrella Special?

Unlike other golf umbrellas available, the Repel golf umbrella’s ribs have been reinforced with fiberglass, which makes it more durable and windproof than anything else available on the market. Should a strong gust pick up and manage to invert the umbrella, the fiberglass reinforcement will prevent the ribs from breaking, so you can just pull it back into the right shape and carry on playing.

The double-layered, vented mesh canopy takes this durability a step further and ensures that all high winds are deflected away without ripping the umbrella from your hands.

The golf umbrella is coated with Teflon, so it repels rain, snow, UV rays, and just about anything else that comes into contact with it, and dries almost instantly.

Space to Play

The Repel golf umbrella has a canopy that measures 60 inches across, so you have plenty of room to move around and look at your next move, without moving out from beneath the canopy. The golf umbrella looks stylish, professional, the strong fiberglass shaft looks like carbon fiber, and the ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to carry all day long.

Lifetime Guarantee

In the unlikely event that anything should go wrong with your Repel golf umbrella, you can get a replacement for free – no return required. Investing in the Repel golf umbrella will keep it as a part of your kit indefinitely. With free shipping, this is the most cost-effective golf umbrella you’ll ever buy, and a staple part of your golf equipment.

The Repel Umbrella of Good Morning America Fame

The Repel black golf umbrella is made with all the same features as the Repel Easy Touch umbrella that appeared on Good Morning America as their number one pick for umbrellas. The golf umbrella has the same automatic open and close as the umbrella that featured on the show – you’re simply getting a larger, golf-focused version!