Why The Repel Inverted Umbrella Will Be The Last Umbrella You Ever Buy

The occasional rainy day can be enjoyable if you get to spend the day inside, watching the rain on the window and enjoying the warmth. Unfortunately, necessity usually means we have to head out into the rainy and windy weather to walk to the store, to work, or to take other forms of public transport.

If you live somewhere where you have to use an umbrella throughout the fall, winter, and spring, you have likely experienced the difficulties with opening and closing your umbrella in tight spaces, dropping it onto a dusty tram or subway floor, and trying to hold it away from your body so you don’t get soaked when you close it.

Those days can become a thing of the past with the inverted umbrella. Here’s how.

Why Use the Reverse Umbrella?

A “reverse umbrella” or “inverted umbrella” has a frame that collapses inward, meaning most of the rain droplets will run in toward the center instead of running down your arm. It is also far more practical for opening and closing in small spaces, like store doorways, next to your car in the parking lot, and on public transport. When you aren’t using the umbrella, it can stand up on its own, meaning you are much less likely to get a wet leg or find that is has rolled all over the floor and collected who-knows-what.

It Will Keep You Dry In All Downpours

The Repel Inverted Umbrella has a Teflon coating and is double-layered, so you will stay dry and the umbrella’s ribs will stay rust-free. The Teflon coating repels water, dirt, UV rays, and debris. The automatic open/close feature also means you don’t have to reach up inside the umbrella and get a wet arm each time you open and close it.

A Comfort-Focused Handle

Unlike so many other umbrellas available on the market, the Repel Inverted Umbrella has a sturdy ergonomic handle, so you won’t have to worry about getting hand-cramp after just a few minutes of holding on to your umbrella in windy weather.

Lifetime Guarantee

How many umbrellas have you bought in your life that have broken after just a month or two of use? Inevitably, one of the ribs breaks through the fabric, a rib breaks, or many get destroyed in high winds. That won’t be the case with the Repel reverse umbrella – should anything happen to your umbrella, Repel will offer you a refund or will replace the umbrella for you. With free shipping, this is the most cost-effective umbrella you’ll ever buy!